First of all, Happy New Year to one an all! Welcome to 2014; we've made it in one piece. 2013 was a rough year for many people, myself included. I've lost friends dear to me, and I've made some pretty amazing friends over last year. I've progressed as an individual and a professional, and intend to follow through with some important steps this coming year.

The first big one was to overhaul my root domain. I mean, nobody wants to see a project I did 3 years ago that has zero relavance to what I do now. So now, instead, I'm moving to a blog format where I'll try my hand-- again-- at blogging, but will be doing more roundups with opinion pieces that weren't fit for my company blog. Or, has been cross posted from there. You should check that out too!

Some of the goals I'm setting out for myself with this new site are pretty simple:

  • Whenever I feel like sharing something online, try to write about it on my blog first.
  • Whenever I dig into a new project on github or heroku, talk about it here first.
    • This should also help out with some architectural thought planning, so goodie for me.
  • Whenever my company does something cool that I want to talk about, try to write it on my blog first.

I think this should help make the blog a success, and I'd love to hear from anyone who has ideas on how to make the new year goals stick. At some point I'll be turning on social channels and comments. For now, you can find me on twitter.

Cheers to one and all!