So, I'm a bit of a tabletop lover. I play board games whenever I get the chance, and it may come as no surprise to some - the more complex the game is, the more fun I have. Munchkin Quest is no different.

If you remotely like tabletop games and haven't been living under a rock, you've probably heard of Munchkin, the not-an-RPG RPG card game which lets you kick doors down and kick some monster butt with friends... or stab them in the back. The gameplay for this is roughly 30 minutes for a group of 4 players. My biggest problem is there's so much fun in the game, and it goes by so fast!

Enter Munchkin Quest: the game that takes the same monsters as its purely card predecessor and adds a dungeon made of jigsaw pieces that you build with each turn. There's still the excitement of "kicking the door down" every time you explore a new room, but sometimes the room can fight back in addition to the monster! Get the expansions, and the rooms have traps. Get another expansion, and suddenly room links can be portals. The game is infinitely playable, and if you like the original but find yourself wanting more, you should absolutely try this game out. Here's some things you should know about it first, though.

  • This is a long game. No, really. This is a long game. Even with two players, it can take upwards of 2-3 hours to complete.
  • The game is better played with at least 3 players so you can engage in bartering for combat. Munchkin really shines when you're begging your friends to spare you or help you.
  • When bartering for combat, don't be afraid to offer help after the combat roll has been resolved. Your friend is stuck between a rock and a hard place, after all.
  • Players can really pile on levels in their first turn alone. While this does help you when it's time for their charity phase (give cards to the lowest level) you should be spending the opening phase of the game taking potshots at the leader, stalking them and interfering with combat. Warriors are best for this, since they get an extra health token, heaven forbid you get roped into combat when Bad Stuff happens.
  • During the endgame race back to the entrance, don't always try to take a beeline back. If you have a nice lead, don't be afraid to sidetrack a little bit so you can rebuild your hand. You can pretty much destroy every monster on the field thus far, and you're going to be battling a level 20 monster that may, or may not, have multiple dice rolls... with no assistance.

Those are the best tips I've gotten from playing Munchkin Quest. I hope you pick it up, or give it a shot. It's tons of fun!

PS: Here's an extra primer on how the move mechanic works through doors when you have a class or race buffing you. It took us a few games to really grok this.